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Samples Policy

Samples can be viewed  at our East Tamaki Auckland warehouse during business hours BY PRE ARRANGEMENT ONLY & subject to availability

Though we understand the need for samples to make purchase decisions & confirm product suitability, in the past, a majority of sample requests from new customers have been unproductive & our efforts to arrange samples at an additional cost to us, has resulted in being ineffective . Many first time buyers use our services to ascertain product suitability & then on realisation decide to use local supplier products to save freight costs or choose  other cheaper available alternate product options. As our product range is quite large with size, colour & specification variants in each category, substantial cost is added to the business to arrange & process sample requests,impacting us due to time & manpower involvement.

We have since reviewed our samples policy & henceforth all Sample requests from new customers will now incur a Processing fee of $25 & Shipped at Customers Cost. We will however refund or adjust the $25 Processing Fee Only - excluding shipping charges with any subsequent full carton or minimum order quantity order confirmed within 30 days of the product sample request.

Please also note that we can only provide samples subject to availability & is limited to 2 product samples per request.
Also since we do not take samples from our existing stock, in most cases we can arrange similar but not like for like samples from our suppliers which take between 3-7 days to reach us so please allow sufficient time for samples to reach you. Sailcity Packaging reserves the right to reject any sample request & is subject to availability.

Download and complete sample request form (pdf) & attach to email us, or if you would like us to email you an invoice for remittance, please provide complete business details with contact names & phone numbers & your preferred mode of payment. Please note that we do not respond if the information provided is inadequate.

Alternately we can also help via email with additional pictures where possible or better product description & specifications, for you to ascertain product suitability  & to make you purchasing decision easier. Feel free to email on if you need more information.

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