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What Is PLA

Eco Friendly

What is PLA?

Plastics have made life easier for people, but they have been a source of pollution, taking decades or even centuries to break down in nature. PLA products made by NatureWorks(R) PLA materials is derived one hundred percent from corn starch a natural product and is completely biodegradable. During composting, bacteria & other micro organisms will convert PLA into water and carbon dioxide or methane gas. Also PLA is made from annual renewable resources such as corn and agriculture corps, unlike petrochemical derived plastics.

PLA is a biodegradable plastic and "PLA" stands for polylactide the chemical name of a plastic made from corn. At the end of its product life PLA can be composted naturally, so it comes from nature and goes back to nature thus reducing the burden on landfill. The production process is also cleaner and thus has reduced harmful pollutants emitted into the air.

PLA products are versatile & replace many traditional package alternatives in a broad range of applications. They are clear & provide great optics and high gloss for ideal product display. They are strong, durable & provide superior flavor & aroma barriers to keep food tasting and smelling fresh. Tests show they provide excellent resistance to most oils and fats used in food preparation.

PLA comes from renewable plantation and is 100% biodegrable and compostable.

Natural PLA products have a temperature resistance of between -20º to 50ºC, and hot PLA products temperature resistance is between -20º to 80ºC.

Why PLA?
Dwindling petroleum supplies, while consumption is increasing.
Limiting environmental impact, less green house gases produced and it is compostable
Increase price of crude oil
Restrictions imposed by legislation in some countries (e.g. Taiwan, South Korea) some food packaging has to be compostable.

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